Monday, July 19, 2010

Incoming & Outgoing Mail Today 7/19/10


Movie from Netflix- "My Sisters Keeper"

Letter from Tonya P.

Wish via P.M.P for sticker sheets from Debi H. - Very cute stickers!

Wish via P.M.P for sticker sheets from Latoya W.- Wow, thanks for ALL of them! She sent A LOT! Very sweet! :)

Today I SENT:

3 Large Flat Rate Boxes of Paper to Teresa R. -Each box is over 17 lbs!!! Hope you enjoy all the stationary.

1 Medium Flat Rate box swap & letter to Jennifer G- Enjoy Girl!

1 Flat Rate Envie of goodies & a composition letter to Holly T- V.2 is on its way!! ;)

Envie of Fb's to Red M- Enjoy the excess!

Letter to Katarina J.

Movie to Netflix- "Phantom Punch"-very good movie about the life of Sonny Lister.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coupon Previews Released 7/18/10


Smart Source

Activia (4pk, 8pk, or 24oz) $1 expires 8/8/10
Purchase one (1) Air Wick Scented Oil Refill Fragrance, Receive one (1) Warmer Free expires 8/29/10
Air Wick Scented Oil Twin Refill Pack $1/1 or Single Refills $1/2 expires 8/29/10
Arm and Hammer Power Gel Detergent $1 expires 9/30/10
Bausch and Lomb Soothing Eye Drops $3 expires 9/30/10
Cheerios $1/2 expires 8/28/10
Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpaste $1 expires 8/7/10
Comet Spray or Comet Soft Cleanser Product 35¢ or $1/3 expires 9/30/10
Danimals Smoothie (6pk, 12pk), Crush Cup (4pk) or Coolision (6pk) $1 expires 8/18/10
Dannon Dan-o-Nino Product 50¢ or $1/2 expires 8/18/10
Dannon Light & Fit (4pk) 50¢ expires 8/15/10
Fiber One Chewy Bars 50¢/2 or $1/2 expires 9/1/10
Finish Quantumatic Detergent Dispenser System $3 expires 9/5/10
L’Oreal EverStrong or EverPure Shampoo or Conditioner $1 expires 10/10/10
L’Oreal EverStrong or EverPure Treatment $1 expires 10/10/10
Mentos Sugar-Free Gum Bottles 80¢/2 expires 9/30/10
Mitchum or Mitchum For Women $1 expires 8/22/10
Motrin PM $1 expires 11/30/10
Nonni’s Biscotti or Tusconi $1/2 expires 9/15/10
Noxzema 75¢ or $1 expires 8/30/10
OxiClean MaxForce Power Paks or OxiClean Liquid $1 expires 8/31/10
OxiClean Pre-Treater 75¢ or $1 expires 8/31/10
OxiClean Versatile Powder (56oz+) $1 expires 8/31/10
Philips Avent Animal Magic Cup or Bottle $2 expires 9/30/10
Philips Norelco CC5060 Kid’s Clipper or QC5170 180 Hair Clippers $5 expires 9/30/10
Pull-Ups Training Pants (Jumbo Pack+) $1.50 expires 8/15/10
Purina Alpo Chop House Single Cans $1/3 expires 8/30/10
Purina Alpo Single Cans $1/5 expires 8/30/10
Purina Cat Chow or Purina Kitten Chow (3#+) $1 expires 9/18/10
Purina Puppy Chow or Dog Chow (15.5#+) $1.50 expires 8/14/10
Purina Puppy Chow or Dog Chow (9# or smaller) $2 expires 8/14/10
Purina Friskies Canned Food $1/15 (5.5oz) or $1/2 (12ct) or $1/1 (24 or 32ct multipacks) expires 10/31/10
Purina Friskes Dry Cat Food (3.15#+) $1 expires 10/31/10
Purchase one (1) Purina Friskies Cat Treats, Receive one (1) Friskies Cat Treats Free (value to $1.85) expires 10/17/10
Revlon Beauty Tool $1 expires 8/22/10
Revlon Color Cosmetic $1 expires 8/22/10
Schick Intuition Plus or Schick Quattro For Woman Razor or Refill $2 expires 8/29/10
St. Ives Body Wash 50¢ expires 8/30/10
Total Cereal 75¢ or $1 expires 8/28/10
Totinos Product 50¢ expires 10/9/10
Tornados Box $1 expires 10/18/10
Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entree $1.50 expires 9/11/10
Wheaties or Wheaties Fuel Cereal 75¢ or $1 expires 8/28/10
Woolite Heavy Traffic $1 expires 9/30/10
Woolite Oxy Deep Oxygen Activated Stain Remover $1 expires 9/30/10
Woolite Rug Stick $3 expires 9/30/10
Zegerid OTC (14 or 28ct) $3 expires 8/15/10
Zegerid OTC (42ct) $5 expires 8/15/10


Grrr.. Im like soo totally upset right now!! I bought a lot of 33 Me To You Bears on Ebay yesterday & already paid for them as well.. $112.xx after shipping.... Well today the lady emails me and says she messed up with the shipping price and refunded my money.. she said IF I still wanted them itd be like $175 total... blah!! I was so excited about getting them and then this...and since we're now in "Saving Mode" Im not going to get them.. cause I shouldnt have spent the first $112 anyway.. but yeah this just ruins my day! =(
We're needing to save as much as we can for the move, because I know its like $700 for the Uhaul, $200 for gas, $400 for Tomys mining we will need $$$ for food and gas and then for our own place......I was ALMOST tempted to pay rest of it, but Im not going to.. It should be against Ebays policy for them to do that since it had been listed for over a week and she should have realized she made a mistake before then!!

Mail for Saturday- July 17, 2010

*Letter from our apartment complex-- Letting us know that we have to let them know by August 1st wether we are moving or not.. Which we now Im getting nervous cause its not much longer away. We'll move on Sept. 30th.

*2 shirts from Black & Mild - Im shocked they actually arrived, the one I signed up for on never arrived :(. I will give 1 of these shirts to Tomy and the other I'll give to a friend.

*Sample of L'Oreal Everstrong Shampoo, Conditioner, & Overnight conditioner- I've tried these samples before.. I really dont care much for the scent of the S&C, but I love the overnight conditioner and will probably end up purchasing it soon!

*Letter from Teresa R.- Thanks Teresa I look forward to being pals with you!

*Letter from Shae L.

*Letter from Michelle B.