Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mail for Saturday- July 17, 2010

*Letter from our apartment complex-- Letting us know that we have to let them know by August 1st wether we are moving or not.. Which we now Im getting nervous cause its not much longer away. We'll move on Sept. 30th.

*2 shirts from Black & Mild - Im shocked they actually arrived, the one I signed up for on never arrived :(. I will give 1 of these shirts to Tomy and the other I'll give to a friend.

*Sample of L'Oreal Everstrong Shampoo, Conditioner, & Overnight conditioner- I've tried these samples before.. I really dont care much for the scent of the S&C, but I love the overnight conditioner and will probably end up purchasing it soon!

*Letter from Teresa R.- Thanks Teresa I look forward to being pals with you!

*Letter from Shae L.

*Letter from Michelle B.

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