Sunday, July 18, 2010


Grrr.. Im like soo totally upset right now!! I bought a lot of 33 Me To You Bears on Ebay yesterday & already paid for them as well.. $112.xx after shipping.... Well today the lady emails me and says she messed up with the shipping price and refunded my money.. she said IF I still wanted them itd be like $175 total... blah!! I was so excited about getting them and then this...and since we're now in "Saving Mode" Im not going to get them.. cause I shouldnt have spent the first $112 anyway.. but yeah this just ruins my day! =(
We're needing to save as much as we can for the move, because I know its like $700 for the Uhaul, $200 for gas, $400 for Tomys mining we will need $$$ for food and gas and then for our own place......I was ALMOST tempted to pay rest of it, but Im not going to.. It should be against Ebays policy for them to do that since it had been listed for over a week and she should have realized she made a mistake before then!!

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